YWLC is a 6-day program for high school-aged girls. You will learn first-hand about what it means to be a leader, a social entrepreneur, a peace-builder – a well-rounded globally-minded individual. Each day you will hear from expert speakers and you will engage in interactive team-building activities, and you will have the opportunity to create your own project, called the Take Action Challenge (TAC). The TAC will enable you to use your leadership and critical thinking skills to experience first-hand in a real world setting what it means to start a project with a vision, a goal, as well as fundraising, marketing, and communication. You will have 10 months to complete your project.


When you apply to YWLC, you are applying for a summer leadership conference which will take place 6 days in June.


6 Days in June (Summer Leadership Conference)

August  – April  (monthly meetings every first Wednesday of the month at 5 pm or in-person when possible)


Once the summer conference is done, we will have monthly after-school meetings online.

During our 6-day conference, you will be exposed to…


 Leadership and  Social Entrepreneurship


Self-Esteem & Body Image

Career Exploration

Local & Global Career Exploration

Take Action Challenge

Service Learning

Global Issues

Global Issues, Conflict Resolution, & Media Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy / Social Etiquette

On the last day of the conference, you will present your Take Action Challenge (TAC) and plan the work for the year ahead!

In addition to the Fall and Spring workshops, we have monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month.

Quotes from our participants

“My time at YWLC was life-changing. Before going, I didn’t think that I had the potential to become a great leader, but now I feel more confident with myself.”

“My time at YWLC was an experience that not only opened my eyes to how I can make an impact in my community and globally, but also to how I can further appreciate my strengths and skills and how I apply them to my everyday life.”

“The most valuable thing I learned at YWLC was to truly pursue your passion and be your own leader – just because the majority of people are doing one thing, doesn’t mean you have to follow it or believe that that is the right path.”


participants from
31 different schools, 13 cities, 3 states and 2 countries
received a scholarship this year, thanks to our supportive donor community and fundraising efforts
of participants said the most valuable thing they learned during the YWLC Conference was greater self-regard*
of the girls were more certain of what their leadership style was by the end of the conference
of the girls were more aware of their conflict resolution style by the end of the conference

*This is critical because as studies show, self-esteem affects engagement levels in all aspects of life from adolescence into adulthood. According to research, higher levels of self-esteem are associated with greater occupational success, social relationships, well-being, positive perceptions by peers, academic achievement, and improved coping skills[1])

[1] Trzesniewski KH, Donnellan MB, Robins RW. Stability of self-esteem across the life span. J Pers Soc Psychol 2003;84: 205–20.