Name: Olivia Parsons

TAC Project Name: Art Outreach

Number Impacted: 50

Tell us about your Take Action Challenge. Why did you start this project, what impact did you want to make?

I decided to start Art Outreach because my dad is a painter, and I wanted to help get him exposure for his work. I came up with the idea of auctioning of his work with the profits being donated to the Rustic Pathways foundation. The past two summers, I have traveled and had amazing experiences with Rustic Pathways, so I wanted to benefit their foundation. The idea of the project was to be an art show showcasing my dad’s work as well as taking private donations to the cause.


What did you accomplish?

The art show was incredibly downsized, to be a small event just at my house with some family and friends. It is scheduled to take place mid-June and I can’t wait to see how much I can raise!


How did you overcome obstacles?

Communication was definitely my biggest obstacle, both with venues and artists. I learned that email is not always the most effective means of communication, and that calling is a great way to make direct contact with someone. Also, I was fighting a terribly busy senior year, which completely flew by in the blink of an eye. I think had I had more time on my hands, I could’ve dedicated more time to my TAC, but I think overall, I am still happy with what I accomplished.


If you could advice to a future YWLC participant about her Take Action Challenge, what would it be?

Think realistically and think ahead. I didn’t realize how busy and taxing my senior year would be. If I had known, I would’ve gone after a much smaller scale project. Also, make sure your project will be something you will be passionate and excited about several months down the line.