The Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC) is a yearlong U.S.-based program for high school aged-girls created and managed by The Pangea Network, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and communities in the U.S. and Kenya. YWLC is composed of a summer conference, mentoring, monthly meetings, Fall and Spring workshops and lectures throughout the year.


YWLC 2023-2024 is a hybrid program.

You start by attending the summer leadership conference which is IN-PERSON at the Rice University campus from June 19-24 (Mon – Sat), 8:30-4:30pm daily.

Mandatory monthly meetings begin in August and are held on the first Wednesday of every month ONLINE via zoom from 5-7pm.

Mentoring – each participant is assigned a mentor who helps you plan and execute your community service project (Take Action Challenge) – meetings are typically 30 min long and happen 2-4 times a semester via phone, zoom, or in-person.

Take Action Challenge (TAC) your project is coming to life as soon as you finish the summer leadership conference and you are working on it throughout the Fall and Spring semester.

You will present your TAC journey, experience, and accomplishments at the final monthly meeting in April 2024.


June 2023 – April 2024

Summer leadership conference: June 19-24 (Mon-Sat) 8:30 – 4:30pm @Rice University. You are responsible for drop off and pick up daily.

Monthly meetings (mandatory): First Wednesday of the month 5:00 – 7:00pm @Zoom

Mentoring meetings: 2-4 times per semester scheduled directly with your mentor.

Community Service Project (Take Action Challenge TAC):
You will create a business plan for your TAC during the summer conference and you have one year to plan and execute your project.


Yes, 2023-2024 is a hybrid program!

We start in-person at Rice University for the summer leadership conference followed by online monthly meetings for the remainder of the program.

YWLC focuses on the following…


 Leadership and  Social Entrepreneurship


Self-Esteem & Body Image

Career Exploration

Local & Global Career Exploration

Take Action Challenge

Service Learning & Social & Emotional Intelligence

Global Issues

Global Issues, Conflict Resolution, Media Literacy & Human Rights

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy / Social Etiquette

You will have the opportunity to create, plan, and execute a community service project which we call the Take Action Challenge (TAC)! Click here to get inspired by our alumni TAC projects

In addition to the Fall and Spring workshops, we have monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month.

Quotes from our participants

“My time at YWLC was life-changing. Before going, I didn’t think that I had the potential to become a great leader, but now I feel more confident with myself.”

“My time at YWLC was an experience that not only opened my eyes to how I can make an impact in my community and globally, but also to how I can further appreciate my strengths and skills and how I apply them to my everyday life.”

“The most valuable thing I learned at YWLC was to truly pursue your passion and be your own leader – just because the majority of people are doing one thing, doesn’t mean you have to follow it or believe that that is the right path.”

Our Impact

of the 2021-2022 program participants said they consider their leadership skills to be stronger after the summer conference.
is the number of volunteer and extracurricular activities hours you can earn for your college application by participating in the YWLC program.
alumni from 128 schools across the United States and Globally
of participants come from underserved backgrounds.
of the young women said that YWLC has given them the skills to create, plan, and execute a community service project (2020-2021 program participant data).


The Pangea Network is looking for dedicated and passionate interns for its annual Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC) program. Our internship is open to college students, as well as high schoolers who are alumni of our program.