The Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC) is a yearlong U.S.-based program for high school aged-girls created and managed by The Pangea Network, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and communities in the U.S. and Kenya. composed of a 6-day summer conference, mentoring, monthly meetings, Fall and Spring workshops and lectures throughout the year.

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How do I get involved in the

YWLC program

There are 3 steps to becoming a part of our global network of young women leaders. Read below about each step and if you have any questions, please contact us.

step 1

Apply for the Summer Conference

step 1

Attend the

step 1

Attend the Spring Workshop

1 Summer Conference

The conference is a 6-day program, which takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. You will learn first-hand about what it means to be a leader, a social entrepreneur, a peace-builder – a well-rounded globally-minded individual. Each day you will hear from expert speakers and engage in interactive team-building activities. At the end of the conference, you will have the opportunity to create your own project, the Take Action Challenge (TAC). The TAC will enable you to use your leadership and critical thinking skills to experience first-hand, in a real world setting, what it means to start a project with a vision and a goal, while learning fundraising, marketing and communication. You will have 10 months to complete your project.

During our 6-day conference, you will be exposed to…


Leadership / Social Entrepreneurship & Create your Take Action Challenge

Body Image

Self-Esteem & Body Image

Career Exploration

Local & Global Career Exploration

Service Learning

Global Issues

Global Issues, Conflict Resolution, & Media Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy / Social Etiquette

On the last day of the conference, you will present your Take Action Challenge (TAC) and plan the work for the year ahead!

2 Fall Workshop

At the workshop, you will share with your peers the progress of your TAC. There will be expert speakers to help guide you on your next steps. Any successes, obstacles, challenges, and ideas you may have will be shared on this day in order to help you maximize your potential. You will be inspired to see your TAC take life in the next months!

3 Spring Workshop

For this workshop, you will present to your group your final TAC results. You will fine-tune your presentation and public speaking skills. Parents, teachers, partners, and sponsors are invited to attend.

In addition to the Fall and Spring workshops, we have monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month.

Welcome to the YWLC

global online network

You have attended the conference, you have completed your TAC, and now you are able to network with like-minded girls! Some might still be in high school, some might be at college, and many are interning, volunteering, or starting their first job. Each of you will have your own profile and the ability to contact each other for advice, references, and contacts that will help you with your personal and professional goals for life.

In addition to the required conference and workshops, you will also have the opportunity to attend lectures throughout the year. We partner with like-minded organizations and invite guest speakers on topics related to leadership, social entrepreneurship, and current global trends. Although these lectures are optional and open to all area students, we highly encourage you to attend and continue your life-long learning about leadership, self-awareness, compassion, and service.


Our Impact

YWLC impact since 2012

students and community members reached through our speaking engagements at schools and educational partner organizations (Updated: 2019).
of attendees from YWLC 2017 felt like better leaders after the conference and more knowledgeable about leadership.
alumni from 117 schools across Houston, Austin, and Dallas. (Update: Spring 2019)
of participants come from underserved backgrounds.
YWLC alumni have become The Pangea Network interns, showing the attendees dedication to inspiring future generations of leaders.

How did the Young Women’s Leadership Challenge come to life?