Name: Sienna Chavez

What is the name of your TAC project? Sweetwater Thrift

Number impacted? I raised $200 for the Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit that helps protect the ocean by creating science-based solutions for a healthy ocean.

What life-long lesson have you learned from your TAC project? I have learned how to conduct a small business and fundraise at the same time. I have also learned the importance of giving back and the impact even a small amount of giving can do.

What is the most unexpected or surprising or interesting thing that happened during or as a result of your TAC journey? I gained an overwhelming amount of support and grew a large customer following and donation total in just two months!

Did you face any challenges in executing your TAC in the face of COVID-19? If so, how did you adapt to the new reality of the pandemic? I personally did not face any challenges with my project in the face of COVID-19 because I made sure to create a project that I would be able to execute efficiently in the pandemic and not put myself or anyone at risk. My business was done from the comfort of my own home.