Name: Yunbeen Bae

TAC Project Name: Junior World Affairs Council

Number Impacted: 20


Tell us about your Take Action Challenge. Why did you start this project, what impact did you want to make?

Learning about women empowerment, I wanted to create a club to provide the same enlightenment I received in YWLC. My mission statement was to provide the environment for women to be able to be empowered.


What did you accomplish?

I was able to establish a foundation for my club, JWAC, as well as take a group of driven students to volunteer at a local resale store that supports the local homeless population.


How did you overcome obstacles?

It was tough not to feel burdened with feelings of failure and incompetence. It was ultimately the driving force of imagining the bigger picture and keeping the end goal in mind that helped me to the most to overcome obstacles.


If you could advice to a future YWLC participant about her Take Action Challenge, what would it be?

Make it realistic! The time you make your plans for TAC is always when you are the most optimistic and driven. It’s much better to build upon a smaller, easier to achieve idea than to try so hard to fit the plan you made in the beginning of summer.