We’re excited to announce a partnership between The Pangea Network and Rice University’s Social Sciences Applied Innovation Lab!

As part of the Social Sciences Applied Innovation Lab (SSAIL) fall 2016 semester curriculum, students were given the opportunity to select a company or organization with whom they will work to help problem solve a particular area. For Pangea, the students have been given the opportunity to design and develop training materials and evaluation tools for Pangea’s Kenyan Women’s Network program.

The goal of the partnership is to give SSAIL students hands on business-related problem solving experience, while bringing innovative solutions to companies and non-profit organizations like The Pangea Network.

The Pangea Network received numerous interested students for this project, and two groups have been selected. Each group will present their materials to Pangea, where they will then be tested in a few of our Kenyan Women’s cooperatives. At the end of the semester, each group will give a final presentation and at that time, Pangea will utilize and activate the most effective practices and materials into its programs.

Stay tuned for more information!