We hope your September is off to a smooth start, YWLC! Thank you to all of you who showed up for the September Monthly Meeting last week, when Emily Goldstein – the copy chief at the Texas Tribune – talked to us about the importance of media literacy. Media literacy is the ability to identify different types of media and understand the messages they’re sending. We have some great resources to share with you in this email, which will help you stay sharp about how you consume information!

Why is Media Literacy important?

According to Common Sense Media, practicing media literacy helps you:

  • Think critically: In evaluating media, we are able to consider why certain information was included or excluded, and identify what the message is actually saying.
  • Recognize point of view: Understanding different perspectives and identifying the author’s point of view helps us put information into context.
  • Create media responsibly: As creators (every time we post on social media, we are creating!), this will help us understand that OUR messages have an impact!
  • Identify the role of media in our culture: It’s important to understand how media shapes the way we see the world, and how it encourages people to think or act in certain ways.
  • Recognize the author’s goal: Understanding influence and the intended purpose helps us make more informed choices.

Media Literacy Resources

Click on the links below to visit these fact-checking websites recommended by this month’s speaker, Emily!

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