YWLC 2015 Alumni

I recently decided to change the entire course of my life by switching my major and track from Biochemistry pre-med to International Relations and Global Studies pre-law with hopes of one day becoming a human rights attorney for women and children in third world countries. This decision was highly, if not all, influenced by Pangea. Previous to meeting Nicole, I had never been informed about ways to help educate and empower women and children beyond just the U.S. Through the Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC), I was exposed to global human rights and social justice. For the first time, I was learning about the hardships, inequalities, and human rights violations that women and children face globally on a daily basis. YWLC taught me that education is a RIGHT for all not a privilege.

On the first day of camp, Dorothy said, β€˜Leave the world a better place than you found it. This is now my daily motto and something that I’ve seen Pangea exhibit since day 1. Pangea has taught me that if we all do our own part in helping to leave the world a better place than we found it, we would all be doing our part in helping move the world in terms of equality and human rights forward.