Be an ambassador for The Pangea Network by helping us raise funds to support women in Kenya and the U.S. The challenge – by signing up for the Pangea Ambassador Program you are committing to achieve a goal of raising $100.
Our goal is to have 50 Ambassadors this November!


For every $10 raised, The Pangea Network is able to provide one whole week of education training to one woman. As alumni, interns, and volunteers you are our true ambassadors!

This is a fundraising opportunity you can be proud of and it is something outstanding to add to your resume. Your name will be posted on the Pangea website honoring your contribution as an ambassador.

Depending on how much you raise you will be named the following title:

Whoever raises the most amount of funds will be the Lead Ambassador and will be honored at the next in-person Pangea Gala Dinner and will be awarded an original piece of artwork from Kenya.


Ask 10 people for $10 dollars each.
You will be given a pre-made graphic so you can post on Instagram, as well as a text msg graphic, and email to send to your friends and family to raise funds throughout the month of November.


This is open to All YWLC alumni, interns, volunteers


Sign up by October 25th to join the Pangea Ambassador Program.

When do I raise the funds?

November 1st – 30th

How will I ask for the funds and how do I send it to Pangea?

  • Start your own free Venmo and collect money & once you collect $100 send it directly to the Pangea account.
  • Direct people to the Pangea website page to donate directly.
  • Collect cash or check and once you collect $100 send directly to The Pangea Network: P.O. Box 9823 The Woodlands, TX 77387

Email Ivana Situm to get started!