Name: Gretel Wurdack

What is the name of your TAC project? 

Club for Animal Rights and Education

Number impacted? 

60 members in the club, countless shelter animals

What life-long lesson have you learned from your TAC project?

Creating something is quite difficult but change needs to happen in order for the world to advance.  Managing CARE, I constantly have to throw myself in unaware of my fate, but I’ve only grown in doing so. It can be challenging with school work, barn responsibilities, and sports, but I recognize that sometimes it’s best to work hard for the greater good. If I don’t stand up for the voiceless, then no one will, or people will forfeit the chance.

What is the most unexpected or surprising or interesting thing that happened during or as a result of your TAC journey?

I would say that the most unexpected thing was that during a pandemic, we were able to expand our club to a fourth school. I was so shocked by how much effort these new coheads put into their branch in such an unstable time. I never knew how willing people were to help animals. I’m so proud of all their hard work and dedication!

Did you face any challenges in executing your TAC in the face of COVID-19? If so, how did you adapt to the new reality of the pandemic?

I would say the biggest challenge was that we had to let go of some of our event ideas that we had been working on in the past year. Instead, we adapted and thought about safe and socially distanced events that everyone could still enjoy. We ended up hosting an amazing drive-in movie night which wouldn’t have happened otherwise!