Name: Kayla Guzman

What is the name of your TAC project? Crochet for Change Initiative

Number impacted? 100

What life-long lesson have you learned from your TAC project? I have learned that I have the power to create change, even if it feels like I’m just one person – where there’s a will there’s a way! Persistence and a plan can fuel any goal that you want to achieve.

What is the most unexpected or surprising or interesting thing that happened during or as a result of your TAC journey? The amount of support I have been able to get surprised me the most! It meant a lot for me to see that friends and family shared my project on social media platforms and donate to my initiative. I was even able to gain 100 new followers who engaged with my human trafficking education posts.

Did you face any challenges in executing your TAC in the face of COVID-19? If so, how did you adapt to the new reality of the pandemic? I faced challenges in how I approached my project. Initially, I wanted to do an engaging project with middle schoolers, but because of school’s transitioning to virtual learning I had to re-think my plan. I decided that the thing people are using most to connect with others is social media. From there I developed a plan around social media and was able to make a greater impact not only on my community, but other’s who found my page.