Name:ย Sanya Sharma

TAC Project Name: Raising Funds for The Pangea Network

Number Impacted: 40

Tell us about your Take Action Challenge. Why did you start this project, what impact did you want to make?

When I began the project, my goal was to raise $2000 to send a child to school through The Pangea Network. I chose this because, through YWLC, I realized what parts of my life shaped me and proved importance to me. By attending YWLC, I heightened my value for my education and chances given me through my education, and wanted to give someone else an opportunity like that as well.


What did you accomplish?

Through a series of local fundraisers at my school, I did not reach my goal, but I did raise about $850. Although I did not reach my goal, I aim to extend my timeline and continue to work until I have achieved what I set out to do. My fundraisers included a holiday movie with snacks, hot chocolate, and crafts, and selling tshirts at my school play.


How did you overcome obstacles?

I overcame my obstacles through persistence, perseverance, networking, and teamwork. I believe that these four qualities are what really drove my project to the point at where it is today. I realized that the help of others is invaluable in times of great need and confusion, that reaching out to people directly is the most efficient and quickest way to get what you need, and that pushing through in times of trouble will almost always prove to be the better choice.


If you could advice to a future YWLC participant about her Take Action Challenge, what would it be?

Take risks. Don’t be afraid of what may go wrong, but just do it because a lot of good could come from it.