Name: Sapphire Thompson

TAC Project Name: West U School

Number Impacted: 30

Tell us about your Take Action Challenge. Why did you start this project, what impact did you want to make?

My TAC was to create a program called the West U School for special needs kids to dance outside of school.


What did you accomplish?

I feel like I’m really making an impact on their lives. When I walk into the room, the kids’ faces light up which makes my face light up. I lead the warm ups then we work on combinations for their recitals. Although my TAC didn’t go originally as planned, I still had a great time and am really impacting my community. I plan to continue this by starting an after school dance program at my school next year and eventually expanding it to special needs kids.


How did you overcome obstacles?

My original plan was to create this program by myself with the help of the school every week day. It was very challenging to start a program in the middle of July and it just didn’t work out. After a few months of trying to find a new program to start with, I found Shine Music and Dance. I volunteered at their classes every Monday night.