As we wrap up the year, we are excited to share an update from our fall meeting for 2018 Young Women’s Leadership Challenge (YWLC) participants on Saturday, December 1st at Rice University – as a part of the yearlong program. There were 17 girls and 3 mentors in attendance. At the meeting, we caught up on all things YWLC and the girls shared updates on their Take Action Challenges (TAC). TACs are the projects YWLC participants create during their time in the program, where they find a cause that’s important to them and work to bring it to fruition! They also took a self-defense class thanks to our folks at Miller’s Blackbelt Academy.

We are keeping in contact with our 24 mentors and their communication with our 55 YWLC participants. Our YWLC girls see this a great help – they have someone to help guide them through the challenges they face. We are so proud of these young leaders following through with their TACs and the impact they are already making on the world!

Want to learn more about how to get involved in the YWLC program? There are 3 steps to becoming a part of our global network of young women leaders. Contact us here!