What year were you an active member of YWLC?

What school do you currently attend?
University of St. Thomas

How did you learn about our camp?
UST Psychology Department Chair

What was your biggest takeaway and how has it impacted your life?
Being exposed to the challenges of such a diverse group of young ladies at YWLC opened my soul to the true meaning of common humanity. Every woman is different, however, women can relate to one another despite their differences based on their fundamental existences as humans. The very definition of being “human” means that one is vulnerable and imperfect, and no human is an exception to this definition. Part of empowerment and true self-confidence involves embracing one’s vulnerability and not allowing one’s flaws to stand in the way of achieving dreams. YWLC allowed me to participate in and witness the powerful experience of unique women uniting in one place to empower each other and gain knowledge together.

What is your favorite thing about YWLC?
YWLC is such a well-rounded learning experience. It educates young women about global issues, instills healthy body image, and teaches financial literacy and leadership skills. Sadly, these concepts aren’t taught in schools, so it is such a blessing that the Pangea Network exists and is working to fill in these gaps in girls’ lives by educating them on such important issues.

Tell us about some of your most recent successes!
I recently became a member of the International Honor Society in Psychology (Psi Chi) and the National Communication Association’s official honor society (Lambda Pi Eta). In April, I presented two research posters at UST’s 22nd Annual Research Symposium. My biology research examined cell viability and colony sizes of E. coli strains with SOS gene deletions in response to UV-A radiation, and my psychology research investigated assertiveness in relation to social rank mentality and self-compassion. In May, I will be presenting my psychology research at the Association for Psychological Science’s 28th Annual Convention in Chicago and I will present my biology poster at the Baylor College of Medicine’s 7th Annual REACH IRACDA Symposium. Additionally, I recently signed the paperwork to officially become a double major in Biochemistry and Psychology with a minor in Communications!