What have you been up to since YWLC?

Attending YWLC during the summer leading into my junior year absolutely changed the trajectory of my service ventures and global perspective, and I believe every single girl deserves the opportunity to attend YWLC. Therefore, after YWLC I created a merit-based scholarship fund that will allow more girls to access this education and join the powerful alumni network we have! After I graduated high school, I enrolled in my current university, The George Washington University, to study Political Communications and Law studies. At GW, I am currently serving as a freshman representative of the Muslim Student Association and I work with our university’s TV station as a reporter. My involvement in GW TV is especially exciting because it is a club that directly relates to my major and potential career aspirations in journalism. In 5 years, I aspire to be enrolled in higher education, whether that be law school or a graduate program. Beyond schooling, my ultimate goal is to practice law by way of journalism and run for a government position in my later years. As crazy and ambitious as these plans sound, I am confident that I can and will do it and that is because of places like YWLC that showed me my dreams/aspirations are limitless.