What have you been up to since YWLC?

After I graduated YWLC, I applied to colleges under a major I never felt capable of succeeding in until after YWLC. I have continued to work with the Pangea Network ever since to continue empowering women through education. I currently attend the University of Texas at Austin, and I plan to graduate in 2022 as an astrophysics major with an honors thesis on education and social mobility. I am hoping to go to grad school and earn a PhD in my field. One day, I want to run a planetarium to make space research accessible for everyone in a community! All of the skills that have helped me grow can be traced back to YWLC, which helped me dissolve any fear of failure I used to have and made me realize that I don’t have to be anyone other than exactly who I want to be. years from now, I hope I am in graduate school, doing space research and discovering something new about the universe. I picture myself still working with Pangea when I can and hiking with my sweet dog Debbie on the weekends.