What have you been up to since YWLC?

After graduating from YWLC, I created an organization at my high school dedicated to engaging students in conversations about the world’s controversies and current events. My organization ran its own online paper, called The Round Table, and we strived to make others feel comfortable in sensitive dialogue regarding current events that were often neglected by the American media, such as human rights violations in less-developed nations. In creating my own organization, I was able to share the leadership skills YWLC taught me with others. After high school, I attended the University of Texas at Austin and studied Rhetoric & Writing and Philosophy of Law. I also studied for a summer at the University of Oxford in England, studying contemporary British and war literature. Currently, I am a first-year law student at the University of Texas School of Law. Knowing the importance of leadership in litigation, I use many of the skills I learned from YWLC each day as I study to become the best litigator I can possibly be. Five years from now, I will be in my early years as an official attorney. Becoming a lawyer is something I have dreamed of since my junior year of high school, the same year I met Nicole Minor and took part in YWLC. From my first year as a participant of YWLC to last August when Dorothy witnessed me write the first few words of my law school application in her living room in Nairobi, The Pangea Network and YWLC have provided me with a network of love and support. YWLC, thank you!

Dasha visited Kenya with The Pangea Network in 2019