What have you been up to since YWLC?

After YWLC, my TAC was to perform music with fellow musicians at two nursing homes as the “Volunteer Symphony.” Once I finished my TAC, I came back to Pangea to intern for 2 years and mentored a total of 5 participants within those 2 years. I am currently a sophomore attending Louisiana State University, studying Political Science with a concentration in Campaigns and Elections. At LSU, I am honored to be a senator for the LSU Student Senate. I serve as the Chair of the Student Life, Diversity, and Community Outreach committee this school year and I was the Director of Programming for the senate in Spring ’20 in my first term as a senator. I have passed 10 pieces of legislation in my short time as a senator. The pieces of legislation have encompassed such things as funding two fridges and a double door freezer for the LSU Food Pantry and requiring student organizations to complete Tiger BITes (Bystander Intervention Training) in order to receive funding from Senate. Also, I was selected as a member of the Freshmen Leadership Council in my first year at LSU (72 out of 195 applicants were chosen) and I received “Best FLC Member” at the end of the year! After graduating, I would like to either become a Campaign manager for a race in Texas or work with a non-profit to give resources to the public for the greater good. I truly gained so much confidence in my skills and became so much more interested in non-profit work and international politics after attending YWLC. In 5 years, I see myself in either law school or running a campaign for the 2025 cycle.