Alumni Stories

Maria Perez & Zakirah Zaheen


YWLC Alumni 2018 Zakirah and Maria worked on a group project to start an urban farm at their school, Sharpstown High School. They had many obstacles and challenges, from getting approval from the principal to finding the right person to supervise and teach gardening. They knew it was a long and difficult process but their [...]

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Fatoumata Diallo


YWLC 2015 Alumni I recently decided to change the entire course of my life by switching my major and track from Biochemistry pre-med to International Relations and Global Studies pre-law with hopes of one day becoming a human rights attorney for women and children in third world countries. This decision was highly, if not all, [...]

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Lamisa Mustafa


YWLC Alumni 2017 Lamisa Mustafa is a first-year student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texasโ€”double majoring in Human Rights and Sociology, and minoring in French.ย  She is passionate about human rights and, specifically, the power of narratives in social justice. Through Voices of Resilience, she will be creating a space for people to express [...]

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Elyssa Buntzel


YWLC Alumni 2013 I attended the inaugural Young Womenโ€™s Leadership Challenge camp in the summer of 2013. I would be entering my junior year of high school that fall and my YWLC experience could not have happened at a more crucial time. The leadership qualities that were unearthed in me that summer have played key [...]

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