Name: Hargun Sodhi

TAC Project Name: The Young Women’s Leadership Club

Number Impacted: 100


Tell us about your Take Action Challenge. Why did you start this project, what impact did you want to make?

[My TAC], The Young Women’s Leadership Club (YWLC) is an organization that hopes to broaden the perspectives of others, promote interactions among those who choose to attend the meetings, and promote leadership amongst the girls in the Klein Oak High School. This project was started to give young female leaders a network of inspired peers in their communities, and to learn more about the world and ways to create positive change.


What did you accomplish?

Besides having meetings once every month, YWLC had about 40 members, two guest speaker events featuring Nicole Minor from The Pangea Network and Montgomery County Women’s Shelter’s Flirting vs. Hurting Seminar, along with a huge, successful donation drive to the Montogomery County Women’s Shelter. YWLC also has it’s own Twitter and Instagram.


How did you overcome obstacles?

Personally, I feel that I was able to overcome many obstacles (financially and otherwise) because I was constantly inspired and motivated by the brilliant people around me. Nicole Minor, Ms. Mueller (YWLC Club Sponsor), and even the girls from the club would be the people that would advise me in how to better this club and therefore, I was able to use their input in overcoming obstacles such as funding for the club, officer elections for the coming year or simply better promoting tactics. I wouldn’t have been able to overcome any challenges without the support and motivation from these people.


If you could advice to a future YWLC participant about her Take Action Challenge, what would it be?

Never give up. During this experience I definitely came across many hurdles, but I went through them because I didn’t give up.