What have you been up to since YWLC?

Immediately following YWLC, I interned for the IRC and continued my volunteer work for the #EducationIsNotACrime Campaign, doing film screenings and murals around Dallas. After I graduated high school in 2019, began my studies at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in international relations and global studies. I am proud of graduating high school as a valedictorian, especially since 8 years ago, I did not know any English! At UT, I am a Presidential Scholar and I am proud of my research internship at the Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies. Participating in YWLC helped me realize that instead of looking to work at an NGO, I can start my own and create change in ways and areas I want to see change happen. In 5 years, I see myself working for an NGO and gaining experience overseas. I want to work with refugee resettlement programs abroad and gain as much experience as I can before venturing on my own. Ultimately, I see myself running an NGO in Iran, but that is more of a 10-15 year plan.